What is CFAR?

The Centre for Food & Allergy Research (CFAR) is an Australia-wide collaboration of researchers and clinicians working in paediatric food allergy. Our team includes researchers across the country working towards the prevention, treatment and management of food allergy.

We were established in March 2013 as a Centre of Research Excellence funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia.

CFAR's Mission

Our mission at CFAR is to prevent future cases of food allergy, to cure existing food allergies, and to ensure that every child with food allergies can eat food safely.

What does CFAR do?

CFAR provides a network for collaboration amongst paediatric food allergy researchers in Australia, enabling communication between researchers, clinicians and communities affected by food allergy. CFAR is a collaboration of researchers across Australia and we are unable to directly administer any of the studies listed on this website. Together, we work to identify important questions for new research, and to ensure that the latest research findings are translated into the best care for children with food allergies.

Our website provides researchers and the community with an overview of the paediatric food allergy research taking place across Australia.
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Last updated: May 28th 2019 | Date created: May 28th 2019